System Requirements

The majority of the interactives were built using an e-learning authoring tool to a resolution of 720 x 520 pixels. so should suit most mobile devices. The software used is also responsive to the device used.

We advise the program seems to work well using Google Chrome, which is the browser it was used to develop with.

The learning portal we use to host the material is Moodle, which is a widely available open source virtual learning environment.  In general, it does seem Microsoft Edge can be problematical with the material so we cannot recommend that.

Safari and Firefox also seems to cause problems, however the tips and the introduction offered in the below video should help if resolution is a problem.

The problem we seem to have these days is that browsers seem to handle content a lot more differently than they used to. Windows 10 also appears to use firewalls with complicated settings. But and large the video below does seem to solve most problems.

iPad Recommendations

It is recommended to use the Moodle App rather than Safari or Chrome. You might also need to install the Articulate plugin for the interactives to work. The interactives are built using HTML5 technology, not Flash (which is becoming a redundant and largely unsupported technology.

Once you have downloaded the Moodle App, enter the following

User and Password (as you usually would).

Once in, you will need to download the interactives individually to the device for it to work. This WILL take a few minutes. It might also error out. But if you cancel off the error, the interactive should still run.

OASA (SpaceKidets) cannot accept liability for the material either failing to load or display properly on any end user device. The material has been successfully tried and tested as above and been found to work as expected.