SpaceKidets Club

SpaceKidets is more than just a course, its a club, a community, an organisation which encourages learning in a stimulating, challenging, but fun environment.

Currently, there are 3 stars to be earned as a newly enrolled SpaceKidet you will be put into a program where you will be encouraged to learn Astronomy and be provided with all the advice and help you need to buy your first telescope as well as star charts and how to use them. We also guide you though the delights of what the universe has to offer all year round.

We now offer

Getting started in Astronomy
History of Space Exploration
The Sun, our nearest star, and space weather
Chemistry of the Stars
Space Rocks – all about meteorites
How to setup a tripod


Packed with useful worksheets, activities, and projects you can do with little or no equipment. There is something for everyone.

History of Space Exploration


Looks at how the space race began, from hostile conditions with Germany designing rockets to bomb their enemies to ultimately similar technology taking us into outer space and beyond. Looking at the Mercury Mission’s moving onto Gemini and Apollo and then the Shuttle and Space programmes. We even examine the International Space Station and Tim Peakes visit! There are quizzes at the the end with the opportunity to download your second star!


Basic Astrophotography

This looks at how to take images using a webcam. Some webcams can easily be adapted to fit down a telescope tube. We look at how to setup a webcam, take a short movie of the Moon and how to process it into an image you can be proud of.

We even look at how to make a mosaic from several smaller pictures from segments of the Moon.

No equipment, don’t worry, we provide all the files!