SpaceKidets was designed by Alastair Leith, who inspired by the Space Exploration module written by Dr Nigel Marshall. SpaceKidets is developed as a means of educating kids in Space, Astronomy, and more.

It is a modular club, containing an ever expanding selection of Astronomy and Space Related modules. With plans to branch into other areas of science and maths. Currently members get access to

Getting into Astronomy

We look at what kids need to get into Astronomy and what they can expect to see in the night sky


We look at the work that can be done with a basic telescope and a webcam. Walking kids through use of the equipment and software required to produce some wonderful images. Files available if the member does not have the kit!

Space Exploration

We look at mankinds journey into space covering from the work done by the Nazis in WWII through the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Ending with the space shuttle and Soyuz programs.

Setting up a telescope

How do we actually setup a telescope? Grace Hankin demonstrates how we setup here telescope!

NEW –  Our Sun our nearest star

Looking at what our Sun is, how it works and Space Weather!

We are always adding more to the club. Full price £30 for the year.